Interior & Exterior painting

Interior exterior paintingWith a long  experience in the painting industry, leading house and commercial painting in New York  Brooklyn Manhattan area. We run our operations with military-like precision. This has catapulted Totally Recommended Painting to be at the fore front of the painting industry in Perth and Western Australia.

Sky tech constructions painting Service are amongst  the leaders in thousands of residential and commercial painting from new homes, re paints to jobs like hospitals and other larger projects over the state and lots lots more.

We have the best teams around with our professional painters and all painters do hold an up to date.


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Sky tech construction secret is that the backbone of this company is its employees.
We will provide quality painting and decorating to its residential and commercial customers for a fair market price. We rely heavily on customer satisfaction (i.e repeat business, word of mouth) to supplement our marketing effort and spread our name.




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Fact is  that there is no other team that we know like us that has completed projects on time. We stay until your job is finished.e.g New home walls – we can seal with plaster oil sealer and 2 coated with Dulux Low Sheen or Matt (to your colour).

This takes us 3 days for a 4000sqft home to be completed.


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